Each section of Cossac Planner is designed to help you prioritize and stay on track, even when life gets hectic.   

Learn how to get the most out of your COSSAC PLANNER

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Sections are created for setting up goals and plans for both short and long-time periods. Take a quick look inside of each section and learn how it works.


In the Daily Section there is a special line for writing the date, so it can be started from any day of the week. Besides, there is a place for noting the most important aim for every day. 

There’s also a Habit tracker which helps to control habits, doing sport activities and all these data are also marked in the wider block in the Weekly section.

As the Daily priorities are very important for the efficient goals achieving, there is much place for writing down multiple well-structured tasks.

Schedule/tasks section shows the timetable and helps to plan the day properly. There’s also a checkbox in which the tasks should be marked after their completing.

Section Notes and ideas are created for recording important thoughts and decisions. Be sure, nothing will be forgotten!

The Review will help to summarize everything and clearly see all the drawbacks and the achievements.


In the Weekly section there’s the last week Review, it’s a summarizing of the achievements which helps to see the current progress. There’s plenty of space in the Weekly priorities section, so there can be written anything, starting from action steps to finances. It’s very to-the-point.

Health and habit blocks are extremely important because they help to develop new good habits and stick to them and get rid of the bad ones. These boxes also assist in doing regular exercises and taking care of the health or even total revamping of the lifestyle.

Make it daily and Passion project are going to give required inspiration and a fresh look on different activities.

Mark weekly goals and intentions and plan out 7 days properly, especially because the boxes are big and they can be fulfilled not only with the main priorities but also with the ways of their successful following. Don’t forget about the checkboxes which control weekly goals achieving and make it easier to fill the Review section.


In the Monthly section there’s a place for writing down the month name and making significant notes, concerning every day of the 4 weeks. The cells are quite big, so there can fit all the necessary information about significant dates, celebrations, future events, meetings, various activities e.t.c. Plan serves for regularizing goals and wishes.

The Review shows what has been achieved during the month and on what things to focus.

Reminders and Notes help to keep in mind all the necessary things.


Notes section provides much space for creativity and innovativeness. There can be written everything: beautiful letterings, motivational inscriptions, vital notes, inspiring quotations and short marks. Besides, this section is perfectly suited for sketching, small drawings and illustrations. No limits for art and imagination!

Learn how to get the most out of your COSSAC PLANNER